Akiko Yokoyama

I’m Aki from Tokyo, Japan, Sales Engineer & Partner Enablement Manager. I was a Software Engineer for 12 years, then a Senior Consultant for 2 years before joining the company.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • AI based IT Strategy and Pre-sales of Solutions POC projects and Project Management (Consulting) over 1.5 years
  • Enterprise Pre Sales (B2B) over 2year
  • Business Consulting over 2 years
  • Business Alliance and negotiate project
  • Participate in the launch of the JV and Open Innovation Promotion Office
  • Worked at famous Venture Capital
  • Joined Business Contest and Famous Accelerator Program
  • Software Engineer/Consulting over 12 years (in Independent, Direct-contract 8 years)
  • Development Project Manager (PM) / Manager of Development division / Lead Engineer / over 5 years
  • Ruby On Rails / Perl Programming over 6 years.
  • iOS CasualGame Programming over 2.5 years.
  • Over 5 million user’s Social Game Programming, Lead engineer, Development Operations over 1 year.

Currently Focusing On:

  • AI based IT consulting strategy, Pre-sales, Standardization of technology, Open Innovation, New Business Development, Project Management, Consulting Agile & Lean Startup
  • Ruby On Rails and Perl developer with solid theoretical background
  • I’m also interested in Consulting, AI, New Business Development, R&D, VR/AR.

Currently Work With:

  • AI-based Solution’s Sales and Support Partnership-based Sales.
  • Support to Develop and Research AI strategy
  • Computer Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sketch
  • Language : Japanese & English

Specialties: - Programming Languages:

Perl, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, Objective-C, Swift, JavaScript, C#, VBA, Scheme
  - Web Frameworks : Ruby On Rails, Django, Flask, Plack, Catalyst, CGI::Application
  - Game/MediaArt Frameworks: Cocos2d, Unity, OpenFrameworks
  - PC & Mobile web service Development
  - iOS/Android Social Game Development (PHP, Objective-C)

Conference talks:

- 2010: YAPC::Asia 2010 - "Perl and Me Connection (40 min.)"
- 2010: Mashup Caravan Girls Talks - "Develop the web Mashup service by Python newest Framework"
- 2010: Perl Casual#2 - "Vim Loves Perl (20min.) "
- 2009: Another Yokohama.pm in YAPC::Asia 2009 Pre Paty - "Enything like AnyEvent"
- 2009: Perl Casual#1 - "Untitled"
- 2008: Shibuya Perl Mongers #10 - Moxy at Dwango
- 2008: Yokohama.pm #8 - "Untitled"

Honor & Award


Japanese summary is here. Heart Beat » About me.

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